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Mushroom Growing Kits
Certified insect free mushrooms

Our KLBD certification was achieved due to our cultivation method. This means that we can guarantee that our mushrooms are insect free.

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Our vision is to supply the highest quality gourmet mushrooms. We believe that supplying your favourite restaurants and pubs is a great way to introduce mushrooms to your life. Get in touch if you are a trade customer to begin supplying you with the freshest mushrooms available in London.

Why buy from us?

Everything that we sell is made, tested, used and grown by us in the UK. We are not intermediaries and we sell the best product available to you as it's in our interest to make high-quality products that generate large yields. We want to offer you the opportunity to grow mushrooms at home as we believe that this is the future. We are constantly working on new and improved substrate formulas, growing kits and more to provide you an easy, exciting and rewarding mushroom growing experience.

You won't regret purchasing through us.

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