Begin to urban farm Summer Oyster mushrooms at home indoors! The Summer Oyster mushroom inherits many of the Blue Oyster mushroom's properties such as their meaty taste and tender texture. However, this mushroom is said to have a lighter texture compared to its blue variant and is said to be a bit less chewy.


We made these growing kits with the consumer in mind so it is very simple to grow mushrooms at home. The kits have been designed to work in an indoor environment, so placing them on a kitchen countertop or another alternative place works well. Don't place in direct sunlight.  For best harvests, water as often as possible; the more the merrier! Too little water can cause the mushrooms to dehydrate. Please read the instructions sheet included.


Our mushroom kits can yield anywhere from 800g to 1.2kg of mushrooms in 3 harvests, making the perfect gift for mushroom lovers with a quick harvest time of around 2 weeks for the first harvest and then around 2-3 weeks for the next harvests. First flush guaranteed.


The option to include a free water spray bottle is available at your discretion. We recommend using filtered, store-bought or rain water rather than tap water as it contains traces of chlorine and other chemicals.


Note: The growing kit has live mycelium growing so you should cut the growing kit as soon as possible.


Please see Important Information.

Large Summer Oyster Mushroom Ready-to-Grow Kit

  • Species: Pleurotus pulmonarius

    Optimum room temperature: 22°C

    Room temperature: 16-25°C

    Ideal room humidity: 85% RH

    Growing duration: 5-14 days