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Certified insect free dried mushrooms

Experience the taste and aroma of our variety of dried gourmet mushrooms. Our KLBD certified bug free dried mushrooms allow for endless use within dried mushroom recipes. Grown, freshly dried and packed by us in North London, these dried mushrooms are of the highest quality, packing taste and vibrant colours. Rehydrate or simply crush and sprinkle onto your dishes.

  • Do you accept returns for fresh mushrooms?
    Unfortunately, we do not accept any returns on fresh mushrooms due to the fact that they are perishable goods. For any issues regarding fresh mushrooms, please email along with pictures and your order number.
  • When will a product be back in stock again?
    We update our inventory daily and we grow mushrooms all year round. If something is out of stock, it is very likely that it will be back in stock the next day or the day after. We recommend going on the product's page and clicking 'Notify when Available' - you will then receive an email when the product requested is back in stock.
  • What is the best 'Type' to select on the product's page?
    We recommend selecting the 'Wrapped/Sealed' type on the fresh mushroom's product page for orders that will be sent via courier as the packaging helps preserve the mushrooms to arrive in the best conditions possible. For any issues regarding fresh mushrooms, please email along with pictures and your order number.
  • What is the 'white fuzz' on my mushrooms?
    The 'white fuzz' on fresh mushrooms is caused by the release of spores from the mushrooms. This is mushroom mycelium and usually develops when the mushrooms are exposed to certain conditions - this can happen to mushrooms sent via courier. The presence of this 'white fuzz' does not make the mushrooms inedible. They are perfectly safe to eat. You may want to remove the 'white fuzz' by hand or by rinsing the mushrooms, but this is not necessary.
  • Can I freeze fresh mushrooms?
    You can freeze fresh mushrooms, however, we recommend that you eat the mushrooms fresh without freezing in order to get the best taste out of them.
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