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Our dried mushrooms are KLBD certified. Read more about this below.


These dried Velvet Pioppini mushrooms are a great way of storing mushrooms for a long period of time. They provide a large amount of taste in a small form factor. Velvet Pioppini mushrooms (or Black Poplar mushrooms) are known for their long, relatively thick stems with small to medium sized flat caps. The caps have a brown colour associated with them. They are described to have a nutty and slightly sweet aroma, all whilst being meaty. When cooked, they have a slightly chewy yet crunchy texture.


When rehydrated, these dried mushrooms can increase their weight by approximately 10 times. They can then be used normally as you would with the fresh variant of this mushroom or used to add taste to dishes. 

Dried Velvet Pioppini Mushrooms

  • Our dried mushrooms are certified by KLBD as being cultivated and packed in an insect free environment. This process includes rigorous insect checks which means that we are able to guarantee that there will be no insects present in your mushrooms.

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