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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer that allows us to remember you the next time you shop with us. These files remember information such as the items left in your cart and your preferences when using our website in order to be able to recognise you as a customer. Cookies are not a virus nor spyware and cannot and will not be used maliciously.

What cookies do we use?

Essential Cookies - These cookies are required for you to have the best experience possible on our website. You can deactivate cookies within your browsers settings however some functions may not work properly if you disable these cookies.

Analytical Cookies - These cookies are used to determine the usage of a website by users. They may track your activities on the website, however only to the extent of our website and not beyond and does not have access to your personal information such as credit cards.

Functional Cookies - These cookies are used to help a website work correctly alongside the essential cookies. They enable features that can make the end-user experience better.

Marketing Cookies - These cookies are used for the purpose of marketing and driving further traffic towards our website. They can also be used to track advertising towards a user and may work together with third-party cookies to do.

Third Party Cookies - These cookies are accessible by third parties. They may track activity on this website and any interactions as they are similar to analytical cookies. We use third-party cookies just for the extra analytical data that is available for us i.e. from Google Analytics. We want to ensure you that we do not sell any data or information about our customers to third party organisations.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies in order to be able to give you the best user experience possible but also to collect some information about our customers that may help us learn more about you. For example, we use Google Analytics which are able to track anonymous usage statistics and do not collect personal information about you, as stated in their privacy policy. We use these because we can benefit from the extra statistics that this service can provide for us, in order to create a more tailored fit and a better experience for you.

How can you control cookies?

There are multiple ways that you can disable cookies, however, do be aware that some functions and features of our website may not work, therefore it is recommended that you keep these enabled. Disabling cookies can be done by going to your browsers settings and disabling them in the menu provided. Below are some links that you can use to find out how to disable cookies on different browsers.

- Google Chrome

- Microsoft Edge

- Mozilla Firefox

- Apple Safari

Cookie Policy

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