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Our dried mushrooms are KLBD certified. Read more about this below.


The bag contains 10 sachets of 100% pure, powdered Reishi mushrooms. These dried Reishi mushrooms are a great way of including Reishi into your life. They provide a large amount of taste in a small form factor available in a tea bag. Reishi mushrooms are one of the most well-known mushrooms as they can help promote a healthy lifestyle. This mushroom is mainly consumed in tea, coffee or other liquid remedies. 


When placed in boiling water, these tea bags are used to create a nutritional hot drink. Read Use Information below.

Pure Powdered Reishi Mushroom Tea Bags

  • Our dried mushrooms are certified by KLBD as being cultivated and packed in an insect free environment. This process includes rigorous insect checks which means that we are able to guarantee that there will be no insects present in your mushrooms.

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