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Premixed dry substrate bags for the cultivation of King Oyster mushrooms.


Our substrate formula is made up of a mixture of oak sawdust, soya hulls, straw, sunflower husks, bran and CaCO3 that has been tested by us to produce high yields. The substrate has optimum nutrient levels, speeding up growth of mycelium.


Once pasteurised (see Use Information), you can inoculate the substrate with grain spawn or other methods.


Note: These bags contain the dry substrate only, you will need to pasteurise the substrate before use. Each mixture contains different amounts of dry substrate to create the optimum substrate for the respective species.


We recommend that you take a look at our Hobbyist Growing Packs here if you wish to grow more mushrooms or if you want to grow mushrooms at home but you don't have the necessary knowledge.

King Oyster Mushroom Substrate Mix

  • The weight of the 2/3KG bag is obtained after hydration of the dry substrate using quantities of water described below. The weight of the premixed substrate bag is 700g/1050g. The King Oyster mushroom requires a greater humidity, therefore less dry substrate is needed compared to the other species.


    2KG Bag

    Add 1300ml of water. Pasteurise/sterilise substrate accordingly. Inoculate the substrate between 25-30°C.


    3KG Bag

    Add 1950ml of water. Pasteurise/sterilise substrate accordingly. Inoculate the substrate between 25-30°C.


    If you need any further information regarding this process, get in touch.

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