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Dispatch time: 2-3 weeks

This item is made to order. We keep a small number of Ready-to-Fruit blocks that are ready to dispatch for small orders. Where stocks are not sufficient, we will contact you to let you know about an estimated dispatch date. If the item is in stock, it is likely that we can dispatch your order straight away.


The Yellow Oyster Mushroom Ready to Fruit Block is a combination of our high quality grain spawn with our specially developed substrate formula for this species. As a result, this product is perfect for keen mushroom enthusiasts that want to get straight to growing. The size of the bag we use for our blocks has been tested to be the preferred size for the optimum mycelial colonisation inside the bag, as well as allowing for easy manoeuvrability of blocks. With these blocks, you can skip over the sterilisation, inoculation and incubation stage. All you need is a fruiting environment and you can expect the first mushroom flush in as little as 7 days.



Our substrate formula and nutrient rich grain spawn allows our Ready to Fruit bags to have large yields. The yield generated from one block is approximately 1kg across 3 harvests from a 3.3kg block. Each harvest lies within approximately 2 weeks of one another. 


Important: The Ready-to-Fruit mushroom blocks are designed for mushroom cultivation and to be placed inside a fruiting room with the appropriate conditions as stated in the description. A set of instructions are emailed automatically shortly after your purchase - these are not included inside the box.For a more user-friendly method of growing mushrooms at home, try out our Ready-to-Grow Growing Kits.



  • We try our best to get each block as close to the 3.3kg weight, however sometimes this varies. The weight listed is an approximation. This will not have a large effect on your yield.


  • The blocks should be put into the fruiting room as soon as they are received, as they have been kept in our controlled incubation room for the optimum amount of time prior to dispatching your order. 

Yellow Oyster Mushroom Ready to Fruit Block

  • Species: Pleurotus citrinopileatus

    Induction: Decrease temperature to 15-20 °C @ 90-95% RH

    Optimum room conditions: 17-22 °C @ 85% RH

    Carbon dioxide concentration: <1000ppm

    Light levels: 800-1500 lux

    Flushes: 2-3 flushes @  7-10 days interval with 90-95% RH in between flushes

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