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Straw pellets can be used to provide a nutrient-rich substrate perfect for growing Oyster mushrooms besides other gourmet mushrooms. These pellets are great for all growers and are extremely easy to use. Recommended to be mixed with a supplement such as soya hull pellets or sunflower pellets to make the most effective and nutritious substrate for growing mushrooms.


These pellets are very effective at soaking up water and are able to gain humidity in under one hour, almost doubling their volume. Made from cut, compressed straw. These are great at aerating the substrate, allowing the mycelium to grow quickly.


Composition: Straw (Wheat)

Diameter: Approx 6mm

Length: Approx 20-30mm

Humidity: 8%


Straw Pellets

  • Can be hydrated by covering in water and letting to sit for 1 hour. Pasteurise/sterilise accordingly.


    We recommend adding other substrates such as oak hardwood pellets, soya hull pellets, bran, sunflower pellets, sawdust, gypsum or similar to increase the nutritive power of the substrate, resulting in a larger yield.


    Once pasteurised/sterilised the mixture can be used to inoculate mushrooms using our grain spawn.

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