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This Pink Oyster Mushroom Hobbyist Grow-at-Home Pack includes all of the raw materials and step-by-step instructionsrequired to grow mushrooms at home from scratch. Designed to grow indoors. Grow mushrooms in as little as 4-5 weeks.


The process that you will complete includes:

  1. Pasteurisation
  2. Inoculation
  3. Incubation
  4. Fruiting


This growing pack includes:

  • Detailed step-by-step instructions
  • 5 or 8 bags of pre-mixed, nutrient-rich substrate
  • Pink Oyster Grain Spawn
  • 5 or 8 zipties 
  • 1 Pair of gloves


You will need (not included):

  • 1 large see-through plastic box with lid
  • 1 thermometer
  • 1 spray bottle of isopropyl alcohol (or rubbing alcohol)
  • 1 10L pot
  • 1 measuring jug
  • 1 thick duvet (or more)
  • 1 knife or box cutter
  • Appropriate PPE e.g. masks, gloves 



You can grow anywhere between 2.5-5KG of fresh mushrooms for the 5(10KG) pack and between 4-8KG of fresh mushrooms for the 8(16KG) pack.


The Pink Oyster mushroom is a mushroom of great beauty and a distinctive taste that is always a hit at markets, catching everyone's eye due to their pink hue with many customer's praising their coral-like looks. Their flavour is described as mild and light and compared to its blue-grey variant has a slightly sweeter taste and a more velvety texture. 


We aim to have all our packs ready to dispatch whenever there is an order, but because there is a live mycelium included sometimes dispatch may take longer. We will get in touch if this is the case.


Important Note: This kit includes a live, growing mycelium. Please open the pack as soon as possible, otherwise store the grain spawn inside a fridge at 8 °C.

Pink Oyster Mushroom Grow-at-Home Pack

  • Species: Pleurotus djamor

    Fruiting duration: 3-5 weeks

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