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Mushroom growing bags created specifically for the cultivation of mushrooms. These bags can be used for substrate and grain production.


The 0.2μm filter allows only harmless particles and the necessary amount of oxygen to enter the bag. The filter allows the mushroom to breathe oxygen as required whilst protecting it from external contaminants such as moulds and germs. Made out of polypropylene and being 60μm in thickness, they are able to sustain autoclavable conditions of 121 °C, creating a sterile medium inside the bag. Once sterilised, they can be used to inoculate grains onto the substrate inside or to inoculate liquid cultures onto the grains inside. They can be sealed using a thermal sealer.


Two sizes are available at your discretion. Thickness and filter size are identical for both bag sizes - only the dimensions differ. The dimensions of the bag are measured from top to bottom and from crease to crease.


Note: It is recommended to avoid unnecessary water contact with the filter as it may cause the filter to lose its effectiveness, however this is not usually a problem from our tests.

Mushroom Growing Bags

  • Place substrate or grain inside the bag and sterilise as appropriate. Make sure to use PPE when working with sterilised bags of substrate or grains as they can cause burns.


    Note: Although these bags can be reused, it is not recommended as they may burst or begin to melt if they have been sterilised at a high temperature.

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