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Premium Hardwood Oak Pellets made from 100% Natural Oak. Completely natural, no chemicals used. Oak pellets make an optimum substrate for growing most of our range of gourmet mushrooms.


These pellets are used in Europe and in the USA for mushroom cultivation due to their very high nutritional properties; this is because of their 100% Oak composition, with no other hardwoods being used in the composition of these pellets.


Besides the increased nutritional values of using oak pellets, mushroom growers utilise pellets rather than sawdust due to the increased tidiness and the lack of dust emitted when working with these pellets.


Composition: 100% Oak

Diameter: Approx. 6mm

Length: Approx. 40mm

Humidity: Approx. 7%    


Oak Hardwood Pellets

  • Can be hydrated by covering in water and letting to sit for 1 hour. Pasteurise/sterilise accordingly.


    We recommend adding supplements such as soya hull pellets, straw pellets, bran, sunflower pellets, sawdust, gypsum or similar to increase the nutritive power of the substrate, resulting in a larger yield.


    Once pasteurised/sterilised the mixture can be used to inoculate mushrooms using our grain spawn.

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