Enoki mushrooms are known for being a small mushroom with small caps and long stems. They are described to have an earthy flavour and are often used in soups or other savoury dishes. When cooked, they have a slightly chewy yet crunchy texture. Their distinct flavour is unique compared to other mushrooms. This mushroom can be used to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Unlike other places where you can purchase Enoki mushrooms, our Enoki mushrooms have a golden colour to them and they are therefore called Golden Enoki. This is because the white Enoki mushrooms are cultivated in dark, large growing rooms, unlike in nature where they grow in lit places and present a golden colour - this is how we grow them.


All of our mushrooms are grown on natural, wood-based substrates with no chemicals being used. We harvest our mushrooms at the optimum stage to ensure a long shelf life and the best possible taste. 


We aim to have all our fresh mushrooms ready to dispatch whenever there is an order, but because it is a growing fungi sometimes dispatch may take longer. We will get in touch if this is the case.

Golden Enoki Mushrooms

  • Our wrapped/sealed fresh mushroom boxes are certified by KLBD as being cultivated and packed in an insect free environment. This process includes rigorous insect checks which means that we are able to guarantee that there will be no insects present in your mushrooms.


    If not cooked immediately, remove the wrapping and place the mushrooms in the fridge, following the use by date on the label.