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This species generates many, high-quality fruit bodies and is well-known in the gourmet Asian cuisine world. Recognised by its long, thin stems and small, golden caps, the Golden Enoki mushroom is unlike the normal Enoki mushroom you buy in the shops as it presents a golden colour to it when grown in light conditions. When it reaches maturity, the stems begin to turn brown. Mushroom bodies may last up to 10 days after harvest in the fridge.


Grain spawn is to be inoculated onto a suitable substrate and we advise inoculating onto a recommended substrate as described in the 'Cultivation Information' section of this page. The substrate is not included.


Our grain formula contains the optimum levels of nitrogen required for quick growth of mycelium as well as a high number of inoculation points. Weights of bags are approximated.


We aim to have all our grain spawn ready to dispatch whenever there is an order, but because it is a live mycelium sometimes dispatch may take longer. We will get in touch if this is the case.


As grain spawn is usually used by those with prior experience, we do not include any instructions with it. If you require any guidance on how to utilise the spawn, please contact us.


Note: We break all of our grain spawn before shipping for your convenience. The grain is fully colonised and can be used as soon as you receive it. The described information has been tested thoroughly and the optimum conditions have been listed. Because of this, results may vary if the appropriate conditions are not met.


Storage: We recommend using the grain spawn as soon as you receive it, however, if you need to store it for a longer period of time, store at 2 °C for up to 1 month.

Golden Enoki Grain Spawn

  • Species: Flammulina velutipes

    Recommended substrate: 80% Hardwood, 20% Bran or similar

    Fruiting duration: 3-5 weeks

    Yield: Approx. 150-200g of fresh mushrooms per kg of wet substrate (1st flush); pre-inoculation

    Inoculation % of wet substrate: 2-10%; higher inoculation % leads to a shorter incubation period. Do not exceed 10%.

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