This liquid culture can be inoculated on sterilised grains to make mother spawn. This species generates a large yield of light-dark grey oyster mushrooms. This is the warm species of the Pleurotus ostreatus species. Appearance can vary depending on fruiting conditions. One of the quickest growing mushrooms you can cultivate.


All our liquid cultures are made inside our sterile laboratory that is being filtered by a HEPA14 filter whilst maintaing a sterile technique. More than 99.995% of particles above 0.3 µm are filtered, ensuring a sterile environment. Your liquid culture will come in a sterile bag alongside a needle, that once opened should be used as soon as possible to decrease the risk of contaminants.


We aim to have all our liquid cultures ready to dispatch whenever there is an order, but because it is a growing mycelium sometimes dispatch may take longer. We will get in touch if this is the case.


Note: The described information has been tested thoroughly and the optimum conditions have been listed. Because of this, results may vary if the appropriate conditions are not met.

10ml Summer Oyster Liquid Culture

  • Keep refrigerated at 2°C.


    Take out of the fridge 24 hours before use for contents to reach room temperature.


    Can be stored for up to 3 months at 2°C.